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Fitness For Women

Women Can Be Fit And Feminine

Welcome to Women’s Health and Fitness Training – a blog where we cover the ins and outs of health, exercise, and overall well-being for women. One of the issues I have with many of the magazines I see on health and fitness paint a black or white picture for women. You either look like a man, which I am sad to say, many female bodybuilders look like; or you look slim and trim, but are not defined, muscular, or strong. Is there a place for the women who like to hit the gym, but still remain feminine when we walk out the gym? I thin so, and it’s why I started this blog. I’m hoping I can provide you with enough rich information to help you make the changes you want in your physique through nutrition and training.

It’s my hope that we cover a wide range of topics for women, and don’t just get bogged down in one area, like endless posts about how great Pilates is for the body. Yes, Pilates, and Yoga-like workouts are an important part of an overall training program, but I’m not going to focus on that – remember, on this blog, women train for real. If you go to the gym to spin, or follow along in a Zumba class, this is not the place for you. My man is a hunk of meat, and I like the effort he puts in at the gym to look like a stud; so I do my best to reciprocate. That means going to the gym and giving it all I got while I’m there. I have thick legs, a big butt, juicy calves, and a physique that turns me on – unfortunately, society sees women like me as a bit of an oddity. We’re not overly built she-men bodybuilders, but we’re also not someone you would want to pick a fight with either – and I like that. if you do too, welcome to the site. Let’s interact and talk health and fitness!

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Let’s face it – health is wealth. Yes, I know, it sounds a little goofy; and a tad trite – but if you were a billionaire and you had gout, would you give up half to be 100% healthy again. Honestly, I think 95% of people would say yes (there’s 5% who are completely nuts no matter what it is we’re talking about), and it just goes to show that how you feel, and what you are able to do, achieve, perform, etc., plays a role in how your life ends up.

In Big Think’s latest blog post, “What Factor Influences Women’s Health and Success the Most?,” they find that education plays a major role in how a woman’s life shapes up. I think this is true, regardless of what the data tells us. The more you know, the more options you have at your disposal. The more options you have the better you are going to feel about the your chances of success in any endeavor you undertake.

To find out more, visit here:

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People are more health-conscious today, probably than any other time in our history – and that is a good thing. WhatHealthy Teeth Requires Healthy Habits is not so good, is that most people still health as something that can be compartmentalized. In other words, many people believe you can be healthy in one area of your life, not so healthy in another, and still be fine at the end of the day.

I’m here to tell you that is not the case. With the body, what you do in one area, is going to have an affect on the other – be it positive or negative. This is the case when it comes to oral health. If you are not following the protocol your dentist lays out for you, than you are going to find that no matter how much weight you pick up, or miles you run, you are still going to be involved in dental procedures you generally do not want any parts of.

For example, dental implants are all the rage now in cosmetic dentistry. I’m not sure why people are getting so excited about these things; don’t they realize that the’re “fake teeth?” I’m more than happy keeping the real McCoy’s in my mouth, but if you are in need of replacing a tooth, I guess that would be the way to go.

Unlike other tooth replacement solutions, implants, at least the way they were explained to me, are able to help you reach the bite power you had with your original tooth. More importantly, you do not have to waste time worrying about them so much, just as long as you are taking care of them on a regular basis.

The Tooth Implant Pros of Pittsburgh, is the latest location opening for the Tooth Implant Pros networking group; and as you can see from this post, are sparing no expense getting the word out about their new site. With locations in New York City, Washington DC, and Colorado Springs, the Pros are quickly becoming the primary hub for all things having to do with dental implants.

Just remember, that although implants are an awesome back up plan in case you need to replace a tooth, you should do your best to keep as many of your real teeth as possible. This means eating the right foods, at the right time, visiting your dentist on a regular basis, and going through proper dental hygiene on a daily basis.

If you are living in, or near, the city of Pittsburgh area, and have questions about an implant, or are even thinking of having some work done yourself, then you may want to call 412-620-6076; or visit the site directly at www.toothimplantpittsburgh.com.

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Are You Really Ready?

Are You Really Ready?

There’s always a new wave in the world of health and fitness. At one point it was Tae-bo, then it shifted to Zumba, and now we have 10k races. Apparently, the new thing to do is to enter a 10K race, and actually complete it. Hey, I’m all for it. Even though I’ve never done any long run race, I know I could compete. I don’t think I would win, because it’s definitely not what I train for – but I know I could finish it.

The problem is many of my girlfriends are joining up, and as much as I love them, I think  they are putting themselves at risk with this race because they are completely not ready. I’m not trying to be a hater, but if I bring you with me to the gym, and you aren’t able to get through a training session with me, on a “light day,” then I know for sure you are not ready to go run six miles.

Reading through an article on Women’s Health Mag titled, “Are You Ready For A Race,” inspired me to create this post. As I was reading through their list of factors that should tip you off that you may not be ready to race, I was mentally checking off each one for all my friends.

Now here’s the thing, running on a treadmill is not the same as running outside. They are two different exercises. And when I bring these women with me to the gym, they aren’t able to stay on the treadmill with me for the 5 miles I run at the gym. That’s right, I run 5 miles on a treadmill, takes me about an hour, and by the time I’m getting off, these women have already stretched, and are looking to start in the Yoga class.

I think it’s safe to say they are going to get their lunch handed to them the day of the race, but it’s not  my place to tell them they’re not ready – they need to find that out on their own. I have always felt that if you cannot accurately measure yourself, than you are not ready for the game. If these women believe they can run a 6 mile race, then who am I to tell them otherwise?

I do know this, they are out of shape because they don’t make working out a priority. They are going to run this race, and be out of gas by mile two, and the only way they are going to get through it, if they get through it at all, is to push their mental muscles. Now two out of the three are self-made millionaires, so I think they have the best chance. The third is a stay-at-home mom, who is in better shape than the other two, but not exactly race-ready shape. If she decides to get serious, she can be ready in time for the race – I’m really interested to see how this thing turns out.

All of them complain about the workout I put them through whenever they go to the gym with me. If you are in constant agony when you get back from the gym, then it’s pretty safe to say you are either out of shape, or you are working out wrong, either way something isn’t right.

Lastly, if your best is not close to the race you’re running, then you probably shouldn’t be running the race. These women have not hit five miles on a treadmill with me yet, and they want to run six miles, outside, in Central Park . . . oh boy. These are just some of the factors they list in the article. if you are thinking about running a race, then I suggest you take time to read it, and give yourself a true assessment – are you ready to rock?!!


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Is This Scratch Health?

Is This Scratch Health?

Well, can you? Most people wouldn’t know how to respond to that question, because it really doesn’t make any sense. Until you check out Nicolas Roman’s Scratch Health website, at www.scratchhealth.com, that is. This guy seemed like a flake when I first got on the site, until I did some digging, and began learning more about him, and his ideas on health.

I definitely wouldn’t bring him around the people I work out with. I don’t think they would be able to deal with the approach he’s taking, but I think the message he has, and the people he wants to get that message out, makes a while lot of sense.

His whole approach is about gradually taking someone from couch potato to being able to perform some of the intense workouts that are available today. His thought is that programs like P90X, and Insanity, are too much for the average Joe or Jane; and I think he’s right in his assessment. The reason he claims that is because he has many people online complaining about how hard the program is, and the vast majority of people who buy the program, end up shelving it only a few weeks into the process.

I’ve seen it at the gym I work out at. I’ve seen people walk into the gym, and they have a look in their eye that screams, “Well, joining up seemed like a good idea at the time,” When they’re face-to-face with reality, they slink away, hoping no one noticed them. I think that can be the case for many programs people invest their time, energy, and money into. It seemed like a good idea at the time, until they realize that the exercises aren’t going to do themselves.

The Scratch Health name made absolutely no sense to me, even as I searched through the website. However, when I bought his book, (don’t ask me why) and started reading, I was intrigued pretty quickly. The first part of the name “SCRATCH” is an acronym. It stands for Systematic Consistent Results Achievable Through Correct Habits. I know, kinda lame, but still intriguing. Then I learned that the “HEALTH” part was an acrostic. It stands for Health, Energy, Air, Load Factor, Trophic Dynamics, and Herculean Power.

Now for me to go into all of these is definitely not going to happen, but after reading the book, I have to tell you – the guy made a whole lot of sense. I’m not sure which segment of the market he’s going after, but I think  he’s talking to anyone who basically lives a sedentary lifestyle; which is most of America.

If you get a chance, I suggest you stop by his site, and even buy the book. Not really for you, because we all know that people who read this blog are in the best shapes of their lives; but for our friends and family. Seriously, we need to give our family more opportunities to get themselves off the couch. The problem is when we ride them too much. Like the old saying goes, “you cannot be a prophet in your own land.” So rather than try to be, just let Nicolas, and his wacky title, make up the difference.

On another note, let’s talk about the folks over at Tooth Implant Pros; which is a networking group for dental service providers. This company is made up of marketers and dental implant specialists, who have teamed up to provide implant treatments in the cities they work out of.

The reason I took a huge left turn, and started mentioning these guys in this post is because they asked me to. Rather than buy ad space on the blog, they decided to buy ad space in the blog post. To be honest, I never had anyone ask me to write about their brand, or service, before, and I had no desire to – until I saw the check they offered. So here I am shucking and jiving for the man 🙂

They have several offices in New York City, and they are opening up a new one in Colorado Springs. You can visit them at www.toothimplantcoloradosprings.com, or call 719-299-3564 directly, to set up a time to speak with the head Pro in charge. If you are in the market for a dental implant, might as well go see the Tooth Implant Pros.

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Jacked Up Teeth Can Take Away From Your good Looks

Jacked Up Teeth Can Take Away From Your good Looks

Hey, I’ve been hitting the weights hard over the last ten years of my life; so when you read this post, it’s not me trying to get on some rant without a legitimate background, ok? Are we clear? Can I continue? Now that I’ve stopped questioning no one in particular, I’ll continue with my rant. I was at the gym yesterday, and I saw a woman who is the inspiration for this post.

She looked good, and when I mean that – think of Beyonce’s body, with Cindy Crawford’s face. That’s how good this chic looked. She was doing pull-ups, and dips, and just rocking the gym out, balls to the wall – until I saw her grill. This beautiful female turned around, smiled at a guy who was ogling her, and lost all credibility. She had a mouth full of jacked up teeth.

Now, as good as she looked, that’s as fast as she lost admirers. Dudes who were looking at her non-stop for ten minutes, went about their business after they saw what she was really working with. Of course there were guys staring who didn’t give two damns that she had teeth going in every which direction, but those are the kind of guys that will try to get with anything any way.

The other guys were hoping to take this woman on a date, and in their minds, they were already introducing her to their moms – that’s how ridiculous her body, and face, were. But I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t take the time to get her teeth fixed. We were not in a rinky dinky gym either. The gym we were in was high-end, with a clientele that consisted of lawyers, doctors, and c-level executives.

I knew she had to be one of the three, or some other type of high-level professional. If she was at that gym, paying the fees needed to be in that place, then she had the dough to take care of her grill – but she hadn’t. Now here’s the thing – maybe she didn’t care. But I know something – I did. It mattered so much to me, I got embarrassed for her.

So I think it’s safe to say that you can have all the muscles in the world, you can be as beautiful as can be, but if you do not have the pieces in place to finish properly, a basketball saying I got from my ex who used to say, “She couldn’t finish,” whenever he spotted a pretty girl with a flat butt, then you’re always going to miss out on your true potential.

I mean, how awesome would she look with a mouth full of perfectly aligned teeth? I’m afraid to even ask that question, because she even had me staring at her – and I’m not into girls, think about that. So in closing, if some cosmetic dentistry is what you need to push your star to new heights, I say get it done. But then again, maybe I just need to mind my own business. On another note, the Tooth Implant Pros just opened up another location in Washington DC. They already have several locations in New York City, and are obviously looking to take their show on the road. If you are in the market for implants, then type, “most affordable dental implants in Washington DC,” into your browser to get to their site, or simply call 202-759-8572 for more information.

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tooth smiling

Healthy Teeth Leads To A Healthy Body

Missing teeth lead to malnutrition, which in turn leads to disease; and eventually death. Sounds a bit extreme, doesn’t it? Unfortunately it’s true. If you do not have the proper amount of teeth in place to carry out proper chewing, then the body will not be able to turn the food you’re trying to digest in your stomach, into nutrients it can use to help keep the body healthy, and strong.

This is the primary reason dentists began creating devices like dentures, and using techniques like bridges, and crowns. Sure they help the appearance of your teeth, which helps build self-confidence, and helps achieve peace of mind; but a dentist’s primary reason for anything having to do with teeth is “functionality.” They are always thinking, “How does this help my patients achieve the results real teeth care able to produce?”

Until now, dentures were the only option for a mouth missing multiple teeth. For those suffering from infection of a tooth, and had to have it pulled, your only bet was a crown cemented to the adjoining teeth – this is what is known as a “bridge.” Today, technology allows dentists to drill an artificial root into your jawbone, and after enough time has passed, screw in an abutment that allows a crown to be placed upon it. When it’s all finished, this surgical procedure helps to create, for all intents and purposes, an actual tooth replacement.

Of course, real teeth have nerve endings that supply it blood, which makes it “living,” however dental implants are able to do just about anything a real tooth can do. in some ways, implants are better than real teeth because they will never get cavities. or become diseased. However, that does not mean you are able to throw off all dental hygiene – that’s asking for trouble.

A group I am very fond of is the Tooth Implant Pros. They helped my mother with her issues, and I would recommend them to anyone. I do know they had plans to set up shop in other cities here in the U.S., however last I heard they were only available in NYC. If you are looking for affordable dental implants in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island, then you may want to give them a call at 718-395-2820

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Spot disease with signs from your nipples

Nipples Can Show Signs Of Disease

Although big butts are now en vogue, at one point in time, breasts used to attract the attention of most males.

However, what most men, and a lot of women, are ignorant of is these three health facts.

1) Itchy or Irritated Nipples Can be A Sign Of Cancer – If you find your nipples getting red, and/or irritated, and you have not been working out, or doing any kind of physical activity, then it’s time to set an appointment with your doctor; as this could be a sign of breast cancer.

2) Nipple Discharge Is Nothing To Get Alarmed About – There is a huge caveat here; as long as the discharge is not bloody, and/or coming out of one breast. Normal discharge is milky, sometimes clear, and in some cases, even green. If it’s anything other than that, and coming from one particular breast, then it’s time to schedule that appointment right away.

3) Inverted Nipples Are Fine – Although they may not be considered “normal,” they are harmless; and can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure – if you even want to go down that route. Statistics show that almost 15% of women have inverted nipples, and it’s pretty safe to say that almost all of them are not pining for that surgical procedure. In other words, don’t stress the small stuff.

These are just three of six health facts about nipples you never knew. In a world of celebrity overload, and horrific diseases like cancer, we need to make sure we are more focused on what can truly hurt us, instead of how we feel we appear to others. Show one’s appearance will play a role in how someone will judge you, but focusing on breast implants or nipple enhancement surgeries, and forgetting to pay attention to signs that can cause true harm, is not wise – in my humble opinion.


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I was reading this article and was laughing out loud as I did so. Here are 14 things girls who take workout classes do, but will never admit. At first I was looking for ways to be upset at the article. I say that because I like to think I’m the exception. I make time for my health, my fitness, and the things I feel are going to propel me in life.

Thinking strange thoughts during a workout

Wacky thoughts While You Workout?

In my own experience, most of the people I know don’t do any of that. They spend loads of time doing things they like to do; things that are pleasurable, and things that aren’t too challenging. However, as is the case with most things, our perception of reality is our own – and it can be skewed.

Halfway through the article I began realizing that even though I do not have any of these traits, at one time I did. And if you’re going through any of this right now, it’s most likely because you’re either new to the world of health and fitness; or you’re guilty of the start-stop-start approach to getting in shape.

You know what I mean, You start every new year; and by the end of March you begin wondering why you’re putting yourself through all this pain and suffering. Making time to drive across town, having your gym bag ready, showering with other nude ladies in the gym – stuff that freaked me out early on.

But just like these 14 traits newbies exhibit early on in their journey, all those insecurities and that worry-wart thinking fades away as you become more in-tune with your body; as well as the outcome you’re after. One of my mentors, Anthony Robbins, says it best,”Nothing quite feels as good as health does.”

This is so true it’s not even funny. Once you experience that, you go back to the gym to make sure that feeling never goes away; and all the other nonsense disappears. I can’t tell you how often I step into the gym and there is very little focus as to how effective the workout being performed actually was. in other words, I see other women working out with their personal trainers for months, paying huge sums of fees, and looking almost the same as when they first started.

This is because the workout class, or the session with the trainer is a gossip-fest, or it’s a session that’s littered with a lot of texting, or just things that have very little with getting the job done.Once you become a gym-vet, again, that all seems to melt away.

I’m not saying I’m emotion-less when I go to workout, but my routine is very robotic. Meaning I don’t deviate from the ritual I do to get the result. I know that may sound a little confusing, but if you can follow what I mean. I think it will be a tremendous insight.

See, I change my workout routine all the time. I do that so I don’t get bored, and so that my body doesn’t adapt to the same movement over and over again. However, what I don’t do is change my mental approach to getting ready to workout. it’s the same for my health as well. I don’t deviate from the approach I use to figure out what foods are going to get me closer to my goals.

But in the beginning, I stressed over every part of the process. Once you’ve been on your journey for a certain amount of time, and you begin looking back at the mental part of your growth game, you’re going to laugh at some of the  things you found important, just like I have with this article.

But here’s the truth – if you haven’t gone through something like what this article points out, then you haven’t really started the process of making your health and fitness your number on priority  Get int he game. Get in their and act nutty – but just get in the game!

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I Thought Eating This With A Salad Was Healthy

The Women’s Health and Fitness blog is all about that – even if that includes the weird and out-of-the-ordinary, as has been the case with the previous post about dentistry. Well, moving back in line with the core understanding of this blog, we are going to talk about health, and what that really means.

Back when I first got involved with health, I thought that mean staying up-to-date with all my doctor visits, taking vitamins, and making sure I was eating a salad with my McDonalds – I know, embarrassing. Things certainly have changed over the years, as I have become much more aware of what health is, and the steps needed to go after it. Of course, no one single voice has all the answers – i certainly do not claim to have many to be honest. I’m a student. always on the hunt for the latest and greatest from the “experts.”

I came across one of these experts not too long ago on YouTube. He had a video titled, “The Power of Breathwalking,” and I had never heard of the concept, let alone know what it took to get it to work for me; so I clicked on the video and sat as, Nicolas, the gentleman in the video, explained his ideas behind it. I have to be honest, he seemed like an average Joe to me, nothing to get all too excited about, but as he continued to talk, I started getting excited about what he was teaching.

It was during this video I realized two things, the main gurus do not have ALL the answers, because I have paid a ton for training and learning on the subject of health, and never heard anyone talking about this. The second is that the unknown experts may have as much, if not more knowledge about their chosen field, than the mainstream gurus, and it’s because they do not have an agenda they are trying to push.

Nicolas wasn’t trying to get me to buy anything or get me to believe in what he believed in – he simply put up a video on breath walking, and let me figure out the rest on my own – love it. I went to his site, and he has a testimonial from one of his students, by the name of Dora, that lost over 80 lbs in about six months time. If you want to learn how to to lose 80 lbs in 6 months yourself, or if you are just interested in learning more about health – check him at www.scratchhealth.com.

When you think about health and fitness, you generally think of someone training at the gym and eating salads, Dental implant Queens NYyes? Well, more and more science is telling us that health comes from within, and makes it way out to the physical form through identification points like skin, appearance, hair, eye color, nails, breath, and even teeth.

Let’s talk about teeth. They are co critical, because they help to break food down to a liquid state so it is easier for our stomach to digest. In reality, most people hardly ever use their teeth, and end up swallowing their food almost exactly as it looked in it’s original solid state. This leads to the acid in your stomach working half as effectively as it could, and the person ends up working with only a fraction of the nutrients the food was supposed to supply in the first place.

So if this happens with people who do have their teeth, what are the ramifications for someone who has missing teeth? Well, many studies have indicated that missing teeth leads to a shorter lifespan. Based on what I have already covered, you can see how this can be the case. If we are going to be focusing on health, it only makes sense we start with the building blocks of health in the human body.

One of the building blocks is that which we take into the body – the food and water we drink. If the food cannot be processed properly due to missing teeth, than it does not matter if you are eating the cleanest meats and grains because the body cannot extract what’s important from them. One of the fastest, and most reliable ways to simulate real teeth is through dental implants.

I know, how can I be advocating something that’s unnatural on a health blog? I believe living without teeth is an unnatural state. When people eat right, and take care of their teeth, they do not lose them; or have them fall out. In order to create balance back in the body again, I believe being able to masticate is essential to overall health. The only way that happens is when you have a mouth full of teeth, or even artificial teeth, that perform the same function.

If you are in need of correcting your oral health issues, you may want to visit the Tooth Implant Pros. This is a network of cosmetic dentists, from different disciplines, with one common purpose – recreate a full, functional set of teeth that provide their patient with a gorgeous smile. Currently, they are only available in the boroughs of Brooklyn and Queens in New York City. For affordable dental implants in Queens, or Brooklyn, visit the Tooth Implant Pros, and rebuild your oral health – the most important part of the food digestion process.