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Spot disease with signs from your nipples

Nipples Can Show Signs Of Disease

Although big butts are now en vogue, at one point in time, breasts used to attract the attention of most males.

However, what most men, and a lot of women, are ignorant of is these three health facts.

1) Itchy or Irritated Nipples Can be A Sign Of Cancer – If you find your nipples getting red, and/or irritated, and you have not been working out, or doing any kind of physical activity, then it’s time to set an appointment with your doctor; as this could be a sign of breast cancer.

2) Nipple Discharge Is Nothing To Get Alarmed About – There is a huge caveat here; as long as the discharge is not bloody, and/or coming out of one breast. Normal discharge is milky, sometimes clear, and in some cases, even green. If it’s anything other than that, and coming from one particular breast, then it’s time to schedule that appointment right away.

3) Inverted Nipples Are Fine – Although they may not be considered “normal,” they are harmless; and can be corrected with a simple surgical procedure – if you even want to go down that route. Statistics show that almost 15% of women have inverted nipples, and it’s pretty safe to say that almost all of them are not pining for that surgical procedure. In other words, don’t stress the small stuff.

These are just three of six health facts about nipples you never knew. In a world of celebrity overload, and horrific diseases like cancer, we need to make sure we are more focused on what can truly hurt us, instead of how we feel we appear to others. Show one’s appearance will play a role in how someone will judge you, but focusing on breast implants or nipple enhancement surgeries, and forgetting to pay attention to signs that can cause true harm, is not wise – in my humble opinion.