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I was reading this article and was laughing out loud as I did so. Here are 14 things girls who take workout classes do, but will never admit. At first I was looking for ways to be upset at the article. I say that because I like to think I’m the exception. I make time for my health, my fitness, and the things I feel are going to propel me in life.

Thinking strange thoughts during a workout

Wacky thoughts While You Workout?

In my own experience, most of the people I know don’t do any of that. They spend loads of time doing things they like to do; things that are pleasurable, and things that aren’t too challenging. However, as is the case with most things, our perception of reality is our own – and it can be skewed.

Halfway through the article I began realizing that even though I do not have any of these traits, at one time I did. And if you’re going through any of this right now, it’s most likely because you’re either new to the world of health and fitness; or you’re guilty of the start-stop-start approach to getting in shape.

You know what I mean, You start every new year; and by the end of March you begin wondering why you’re putting yourself through all this pain and suffering. Making time to drive across town, having your gym bag ready, showering with other nude ladies in the gym – stuff that freaked me out early on.

But just like these 14 traits newbies exhibit early on in their journey, all those insecurities and that worry-wart thinking fades away as you become more in-tune with your body; as well as the outcome you’re after. One of my mentors, Anthony Robbins, says it best,”Nothing quite feels as good as health does.”

This is so true it’s not even funny. Once you experience that, you go back to the gym to make sure that feeling never goes away; and all the other nonsense disappears. I can’t tell you how often I step into the gym and there is very little focus as to how effective the workout being performed actually was. in other words, I see other women working out with their personal trainers for months, paying huge sums of fees, and looking almost the same as when they first started.

This is because the workout class, or the session with the trainer is a gossip-fest, or it’s a session that’s littered with a lot of texting, or just things that have very little with getting the job done.Once you become a gym-vet, again, that all seems to melt away.

I’m not saying I’m emotion-less when I go to workout, but my routine is very robotic. Meaning I don’t deviate from the ritual I do to get the result. I know that may sound a little confusing, but if you can follow what I mean. I think it will be a tremendous insight.

See, I change my workout routine all the time. I do that so I don’t get bored, and so that my body doesn’t adapt to the same movement over and over again. However, what I don’t do is change my mental approach to getting ready to workout. it’s the same for my health as well. I don’t deviate from the approach I use to figure out what foods are going to get me closer to my goals.

But in the beginning, I stressed over every part of the process. Once you’ve been on your journey for a certain amount of time, and you begin looking back at the mental part of your growth game, you’re going to laugh at some of the  things you found important, just like I have with this article.

But here’s the truth – if you haven’t gone through something like what this article points out, then you haven’t really started the process of making your health and fitness your number on priority  Get int he game. Get in their and act nutty – but just get in the game!