Eat to Defeat Breast Cancer is being written during Breast Cancer Awareness Month; however this hub will contain information that women should want to do not only for the month of October, but for a lifetime.For years breast cancer has been one of the monsters in the closet that everyone is afraid of and no one seemed to be able to figure out a way to defeat it or prevent it. How do I know? Well, because I lost my sister (Marilyn) to this disease thirteen years ago. My sister a young vibrant mother of three contacted this disease way earlier than statistics said was possible and she lived six years longer than her doctors expected. Needless to say, I’m glad that the knowledge about breast cancer has improved over the years; however, there is yet to be a cure that works for everyone.

Breast Cancer Statistics: Women as well as men can contact breast cancer, although male cases of breast cancer are very low compared to women. In the United States, the National Cancer Institute has estimated the new cases and deaths from breast cancer for 2010 to be:

  • New cases: 207,090 (females) and 1970 (males)
  • Deaths: 39,840 (females) and 390 (males)

To me almost a quarter of a million people being affected by one disease is astounding. Just imagine that for years since breast cancer has been on the radar these statistics continue to occur year after year.

My research revealed that there are still mammograms on record taken back in the 1920s, and that breast cancer may be one of the oldest known forms of cancerous tumors within the human race. Dating back to Egyptian times of approximately 1600 BC, the Edwin Smith Papyrus documents describes tumors of the breast that were treated by cauterization with notations stating, “There is no treatment.”

Sorry, but just have to rant for a minute. It is just mind-blowing to me that we can figure out a way to send man to the moon numerous times, plan to possibly lived there one day, build a space station, and plan to go to Mars; however, we have yet to find a complete cure to this disease. Those odds just don’t add up to me. However, I’m glad to see that within the last couple of years at least researchers are beginning to have break-throughs that can possibly lead to better prevention and possible cures for more people.

The Importance of Eating Healthy

A few weeks ago I created a hub,Anti-Angiogenic Foods: Eat to Help Fight Cancer that reflected the work of Dr. William W. Li, MD – president and medical director of the Angiogenesis Foundation. Dr. Li’s Foundation is a research center that studies anti- angiogenic foods that can help to defeat the growth of cancer. I learned of Dr. Li’s work through a Dr. Oz show and have been enthusiastic about his findings ever since. Please take the time later to read this hub as it reveals important tips on learning how to eat to defeat cancer. Since this week the HubMob is focusing on breast cancer month, I felt it would be a good time to focus on more foods that will starve cancer.

One powerful bit of information that Dr. Oz revealed during this particular show was that every human being has some forms of cancer growing within them during their lifetime. Research has shown that about 40 percent of the women participating in the study that were in their 40s had microscopic breast cancer; or what Dr. William Li refers to as, “cancer cells without disease.”

What to Eat to Defeat Breast Cancer

On the hub, Anti-Angiogenic Foods: Eat to Help Fight Cancer I revealed the five cancer fighting foods that Dr. William Li discussed on the Dr. Oz show which is: bok-choy, cooked tomatoes, flounder, strawberries, and artichokes. Be sure to review the hub for details about serving sizes and number of times a week on should eat these five foods.

Now that health and nutrition are being studied to fight cancer; research has revealed that there are numerous other foods that starve cancer.  So there is no need to feel confined to eating only 5 foods. One has the choice of implementing new foods throughout the week to enjoy. And the best part about this list is that if you are concerned about your weight or other ailments all on the list are healthy nutritious foods that you should be eating anyway.

More anti-angiogenesis foods

Now evidence is showing that cancerous cells are subject to appear in an individual’s body at any given time; it becomes important that one attempts to stay healthy by providing our families with the best nutrition. Ideally preventing cancer recurrence requires long-term management, a safe regimen with no or minimal adverse effects to provide an optimal profile for managing the disease.

Currently therapeutics for prevention or treatment of cancer is often highly toxic at effective doses. Food agents that inhibit angiogenesis (the process by which new blood vessels initiate and grow) offers great hope in cancer management. Since this week the HubMob is focusing on breast cancer awareness month, I felt it would be a good time to focus on more foods that will starve cancer. They are as follows:

Chinese Sweet Leaf Tea (Rubus suavissimus) –

LSU AgCenter is studying theChinese sweet leaf tea, a native of the Guangxi-Guizhou regions of southwestern China which is said to be 300 times sweeter than cane sugar. LSU AgCenter researchers like the Angiogenesis Foundation are studying anti-angiogenic agents from botanical sources. Their research has found that sweet leaf tea water extract at a dose of 0.45 grams per pound of body weight completely and totally blocked blood-vessel initiation and growth in a human tissue-based angiogenesis test. So now they are attempting to figure out how to standardize the extract so that batch to batch qualities are controlled. Since this is not a chemical that can be measured and because it is natural there will be variations.

But, my thoughts are while scientists work on getting the dosage controlled. Why not enjoy a cup of the tea now? After all the Chinese has consumed it as a beverage for years. My research shows that this green tea can be purchased under the name Sweet Tea Extract or Chinese Blackberry Extract. Sweet tea contains abundant nutrition and microelements, such as Amino acid, Flavonoid, Polyphenol, Rubbusoside, Selenium, Germanium and Vitamin C; that offers support to one’s immune system as well as cancer fighting agents.

Maitake mushroom (Grifola frondosa)

Maitake mushroom, a fungus has been eaten as food by the Asian people for thousands of years. It contains the polysaccharides, Lentinan, a powerful compound that helps to build the immune system.

Not only does it assists in treating cancer, but is also aides in relieving some of the side effects of chemotherapy for cancer. Because the maitake mushroom might decrease blood sugar levels do not consume if you are on diabetic medications. The research conducted on maitake mushroom is centered on cancer prevention by stimulating the immune system to fight off cancerous cells.

Sea Cucumber (Holothuroidea)

Related to sea urchins and star fish the sea cucumber is a marine invertebrate that has a rich source of mucopolysaccharides.  In the 1990s, scientists have uncovered that sea cucumbers are active inhibitors of angiogenesis. People living in the South China seas for centuries, have used sea cucumbers in Chinese folk medicine.

A research team in China published concrete evidence that philinopside A, a chemical extracted from a special sea cucumber species is able to suppress new blood vessel formation but also inhibit RTK binding of growth factors.   People that are allergic to sea food should be careful when attempting to implement this food item into their diet.  Chances are an individual will suffer the same allergic type of reaction as with other seafood.

more – Eat to Defeat Breast Cancer

Perhaps the above mentioned foods are a little to exotic for your taste; then here are some foods you might try adding to your diet…

Soybeans – (Glycine max)

Although breast cancer has increased in Japan over the last 30 years it is substantially low compared to Western countries. Studies have found that Japanese women are only one-fifth as likely to develop breast cancer as American and European women. Studies have also determined that it is not heredity alone; when Japanese women begin to eat a Western-style diet, their breast cancer rates increases.

Soy foods are rich in isoflavones, compounds that have been shown to have anticarcinogenic effects on hormone-related cancers in a experimental studies.Soybeans are among the most powerful anti-breast cancer dietary agents. Soy products such as soy milk, soy flour, soy protein concentrate, miso, and tofu help block estrogen receptors in the body.

Kale (Brassica oleracea) –

A Korean study found that breast cancer incidence could be lowered with the consumption of kale. This dark green leafy vegetable is rich in folic acid and offers a main source of antioxidants to stimulate the immune system.  Kale is packed with the essential nutrients of calcium, iron, and lutein, in addition to having vitamins A, C, and K.

It has seven times the beta-carotene of broccoli, and is rich in chlorophyll and fiber.  Research has shown that the natural occurring photochemicals sulforaphanes and indoles of this vegetable may protect against cancer.  Sulforaphane helps to boost the body’s detoxification enzymes, which in turn helps to clear carcinoginc substances in a timely manner.  Kale is healthiest when steamed and not stir-fried; also since kale is a cruciferous vegetable it is important to chop it leaves at the time of preparation to release its essential nutrients.


As stated earlier, on March 28, ’97 my sister Marilyn lost her battle with breast cancer; unfortunately back then there was not a lot of research or ‘concrete’ information on the natural ways of fighting cancer. Let’s put our armor on and fight to stay healthy ourselves and help to get our loved ones healthy as well. Breast cancer is the second deadliest form of cancer, lung cancer is number one. Since estrogen plays an important factor in the risk of breast cancer, diet becomes an important factor in prevention. So if you haven’t already let’s begin to Eat to Defeat Breast Cancer and other cancers as well. While this information is centered around breast cancer the foods mentioned will assist in fighting against all cancers in general.


Disclaimer: This information is solely for informational purposes. IT IS NOT INTENDED TO PROVIDE MEDICAL ADVICE. Before engaging in any complementary medical technique, including the use of natural or herbal remedies, you should do your own research, and then consult your present physician. If your doctor does not believe in alternative medicines and you would like to give them a try then find a reputable doctor, TCM specialist, certified herbalist or naturopathist familiar with alternative medicines that can assist you in deciding what treatments might meet your specific needs.