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Jacked Up Teeth Can Take Away From Your good Looks

Jacked Up Teeth Can Take Away From Your good Looks

Hey, I’ve been hitting the weights hard over the last ten years of my life; so when you read this post, it’s not me trying to get on some rant without a legitimate background, ok? Are we clear? Can I continue? Now that I’ve stopped questioning no one in particular, I’ll continue with my rant. I was at the gym yesterday, and I saw a woman who is the inspiration for this post.

She looked good, and when I mean that – think of Beyonce’s body, with Cindy Crawford’s face. That’s how good this chic looked. She was doing pull-ups, and dips, and just rocking the gym out, balls to the wall – until I saw her grill. This beautiful female turned around, smiled at a guy who was ogling her, and lost all credibility. She had a mouth full of jacked up teeth.

Now, as good as she looked, that’s as fast as she lost admirers. Dudes who were looking at her non-stop for ten minutes, went about their business after they saw what she was really working with. Of course there were guys staring who didn’t give two damns that she had teeth going in every which direction, but those are the kind of guys that will try to get with anything any way.

The other guys were hoping to take this woman on a date, and in their minds, they were already introducing her to their moms – that’s how ridiculous her body, and face, were. But I couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t take the time to get her teeth fixed. We were not in a rinky dinky gym either. The gym we were in was high-end, with a clientele that consisted of lawyers, doctors, and c-level executives.

I knew she had to be one of the three, or some other type of high-level professional. If she was at that gym, paying the fees needed to be in that place, then she had the dough to take care of her grill – but she hadn’t. Now here’s the thing – maybe she didn’t care. But I know something – I did. It mattered so much to me, I got embarrassed for her.

So I think it’s safe to say that you can have all the muscles in the world, you can be as beautiful as can be, but if you do not have the pieces in place to finish properly, a basketball saying I got from my ex who used to say, “She couldn’t finish,” whenever he spotted a pretty girl with a flat butt, then you’re always going to miss out on your true potential.

I mean, how awesome would she look with a mouth full of perfectly aligned teeth? I’m afraid to even ask that question, because she even had me staring at her – and I’m not into girls, think about that. So in closing, if some cosmetic dentistry is what you need to push your star to new heights, I say get it done. But then again, maybe I just need to mind my own business. On another note, the Tooth Implant Pros just opened up another location in Washington DC. They already have several locations in New York City, and are obviously looking to take their show on the road. If you are in the market for implants, then type, “most affordable dental implants in Washington DC,” into your browser to get to their site, or simply call 202-759-8572 for more information.