When you think about health and fitness, you generally think of someone training at the gym and eating salads, Dental implant Queens NYyes? Well, more and more science is telling us that health comes from within, and makes it way out to the physical form through identification points like skin, appearance, hair, eye color, nails, breath, and even teeth.

Let’s talk about teeth. They are co critical, because they help to break food down to a liquid state so it is easier for our stomach to digest. In reality, most people hardly ever use their teeth, and end up swallowing their food almost exactly as it looked in it’s original solid state. This leads to the acid in your stomach working half as effectively as it could, and the person ends up working with only a fraction of the nutrients the food was supposed to supply in the first place.

So if this happens with people who do have their teeth, what are the ramifications for someone who has missing teeth? Well, many studies have indicated that missing teeth leads to a shorter lifespan. Based on what I have already covered, you can see how this can be the case. If we are going to be focusing on health, it only makes sense we start with the building blocks of health in the human body.

One of the building blocks is that which we take into the body – the food and water we drink. If the food cannot be processed properly due to missing teeth, than it does not matter if you are eating the cleanest meats and grains because the body cannot extract what’s important from them. One of the fastest, and most reliable ways to simulate real teeth is through dental implants.

I know, how can I be advocating something that’s unnatural on a health blog? I believe living without teeth is an unnatural state. When people eat right, and take care of their teeth, they do not lose them; or have them fall out. In order to create balance back in the body again, I believe being able to masticate is essential to overall health. The only way that happens is when you have a mouth full of teeth, or even artificial teeth, that perform the same function.

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