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I Thought Eating This With A Salad Was Healthy

The Women’s Health and Fitness blog is all about that – even if that includes the weird and out-of-the-ordinary, as has been the case with the previous post about dentistry. Well, moving back in line with the core understanding of this blog, we are going to talk about health, and what that really means.

Back when I first got involved with health, I thought that mean staying up-to-date with all my doctor visits, taking vitamins, and making sure I was eating a salad with my McDonalds – I know, embarrassing. Things certainly have changed over the years, as I have become much more aware of what health is, and the steps needed to go after it. Of course, no one single voice has all the answers – i certainly do not claim to have many to be honest. I’m a student. always on the hunt for the latest and greatest from the “experts.”

I came across one of these experts not too long ago on YouTube. He had a video titled, “The Power of Breathwalking,” and I had never heard of the concept, let alone know what it took to get it to work for me; so I clicked on the video and sat as, Nicolas, the gentleman in the video, explained his ideas behind it. I have to be honest, he seemed like an average Joe to me, nothing to get all too excited about, but as he continued to talk, I started getting excited about what he was teaching.

It was during this video I realized two things, the main gurus do not have ALL the answers, because I have paid a ton for training and learning on the subject of health, and never heard anyone talking about this. The second is that the unknown experts may have as much, if not more knowledge about their chosen field, than the mainstream gurus, and it’s because they do not have an agenda they are trying to push.

Nicolas wasn’t trying to get me to buy anything or get me to believe in what he believed in – he simply put up a video on breath walking, and let me figure out the rest on my own – love it. I went to his site, and he has a testimonial from one of his students, by the name of Dora, that lost over 80 lbs in about six months time. If you want to learn how to to lose 80 lbs in 6 months yourself, or if you are just interested in learning more about health – check him at www.scratchhealth.com.