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Let’s face it – health is wealth. Yes, I know, it sounds a little goofy; and a tad trite – but if you were a billionaire and you had gout, would you give up half to be 100% healthy again. Honestly, I think 95% of people would say yes (there’s 5% who are completely nuts no matter what it is we’re talking about), and it just goes to show that how you feel, and what you are able to do, achieve, perform, etc., plays a role in how your life ends up.

In Big Think’s latest blog post, “What Factor Influences Women’s Health and Success the Most?,” they find that education plays a major role in how a woman’s life shapes up. I think this is true, regardless of what the data tells us. The more you know, the more options you have at your disposal. The more options you have the better you are going to feel about the your chances of success in any endeavor you undertake.

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